B.A.S.E Italy 2022

B.A.S.E 2021 in Italy! I just love it! The Base is the most special event for me every year and I am so happy to be part of it. I LOVE the atmosphere of this competition as it is just a big family meeting!Day One: I was so excited and Garou was sooooo pyrfect. I just love this dog ❤ in Jumping he was so fast, that I was really surprised and had a little trouble to deal it. But we made an almost perfect run, just the last bar was falling due to a silly hand move of mine… 3rd Place 🥉In Agility I was controlling Garou toooo much, and so we were not so fast, but he did a great job and the refuse was just also my fault, 4th Placement and so Combi 2 🥈❤Then in the Team run we were lucky to have a great Team. Garou did a clear run for the team and we ended on the 3rd Place. What a day! 🥰😍😘 videos will follow.

B.A.S.E in Italy 2021 Day 2: Garou was just great as at the first day. With one mistake due to bad handling of mine we again made a 3rd Placement in Jumping.In Agility we had such a super cool course, very fluent and fast and I was sooooo stupid and caused an Elimination. But Garou was just Pyrfect in that run, and I am so proud of him. It felt like the Best run of the weekend.In the Open Run we did a brother switch and it was sooooo much fun 😍The atmosphere of this competition is so special. Everybody is celebrating every run of every team no matter who is running and how. I love this! 🎉Beside the Agility the B.A.S.E it was also just perfect. The Italian Team did a great job! Thank you. ❤Videos will followSee you next year!