Our biggest hobby is Agility. I just love running with my dog in different courses testing our skills as a team. I love it to find the perfect lines and figure out the best handling. I love the difficulty of being just perfect in time to show my dog where he has to run. I love to see the fun my dogs have running. And I love the connection we have while doing agility together.

At home I have a little training field, where we work on all the basic skills we need to run a full course. In summer we train in Club der Hundefreunde Lippstadt e.V. Additional we train at Hundesportakademie Westfalen. I also take part in online classes to keep myself updated.

Of course we also compete together. Some of our Competition Videos can be found on our Youtube Channel

Since 2018 our Agility journey was a real rollercoaster. I wanted to stop with everything round about 1000 times. At Base in 2018 I had a bad accident and broke my ellbow. As I was pregnant at that time I had to wait with surgery until April 2019. The recovery after surgery also took a lot of time and with a baby my priorities were somewhere else. Due to lack of training and I don´t know what else, Garou developed a big jumping issue we also had to work on almost a year. We don´t need to talk about 2020…In 2021 we slowly came back and had a great season, but with changing my job and lack of training we had a throwback. I almost wanted to stop with the whole Agility thing. With puppy Blix growing up, I had to work with two dogs wich was also not easy. In the end of 2021 I got pregnant again and with my new little training field at home and a lot of time during my pregnancy we managed to work out a lot of things of my To Do list and Blix finally got the education she deserved. In 2022 we just worked on Basics and had the baby break. We visited some competitions, but we reallly better didn´t… I stopped competing for the rest of the year, because my biggest wish came true. An intermediate class.

In 2023 we can finally start in Intermediate (Where both of my dogs belong) and I think it will be the start of something wonderful!